How many times has my mind run to the past and my childhood. Memories beautiful and peaceful and almost all of them connected to my village. A small village in Kilkis which for everyone else it may seem deserted but for me it is still full of life.

What a happy moment to see my father give my children the first watermelon of the year. You see, my son was longing from Sweden and even asking his grandfather on Skype every day 
"Grandpa, do you have watermelons in your field?"
"Do you have Bampouzia and poponia grandfather?" was my daughter asking for. Could he do anything else? Their desires are becoming orders!

What a joy for the little ones to pick the fresh bright red strawberries from the pots and eat them. The color, the smell and taste were indescribable! So sweet. As for my dads tomatoes? They smelled delicious. They have nothing to do with those in Sweden.

And the walk in the chicken coop, besides of the classic beige eggs gave us green eggs too. My mother says that the green eggs have more Ω3. The children loved that our hens can make colored eggs and wondered if they come in other colors. We, however, will tell to our friends up there in the cold Sweden about our green eggs even if they do not believe us.

And they played in the backyard like I did when I was a little girl and we adults drank our coffee. Even my grandmother found the courage to get out of bed and enjoy our company for a while. The garden was full of my mamas beautiful and fragrant flowers but my favorite has always been the roses.
To our great joy, we found small "guests". A small Lacoste and a horse of the Virgin Mary. Shock and awe for the children, shock and disgust for me. I did my heart a stone (as we say in Greece)and took close photos and videos of these "guests".

And in the evening there were a Pontiac feast. For some years ago it was a small feast and now it has become a large festival. 800 people came to dance and a bunch of street vendors with games and all the necessary sweets for children was there too. In the end my village has great progress.

Whatever I try to tell you today I can not exactly describe what I felt that day. A permanent smile and a calm feeling in my heart  because my children had the chance to live even for only one day what i lived as a child. Memories are created in this place that I love. Where I have my most beautiful memories!

Until next time


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