Waking up from hibernation

Hello dear.

It has been a while or to be honest a lot time since I last wrote on my little blog. It has been a tough period of illnesses,  medicines, flue, medicines,  viruses, medicines,

lack of sleep etc etc. And it was like a bad circle never ending. All of us in our little family has been sick more than once this period and to tell you the truth the kids are down with the flue again. I can't understand how their tiny noses can produce so much disgusting fluid. 

Anyways! I can happily say that the mommy of the family (that's me) is up on her feet again and trying to organize the chaos. Because it's well known that when mommy is “down” everything falls apart. I have to admit that when I was sick with tonsillitis and high fever I was hoping to fall in hibernation and wake up a few days before the summer vacations. I was feeling hopeless. 

But then out of the blue my mood changed. It might have been because of the fever or the morphine tablets that the doctor gave me for the pain or cause of the begging of Spring time but it changed.  I decided to keep a positive mood from now on and don't be grouchy about the small difficulties that will come to my path. There are far worse things in life to be sad and mad about. I decided that the glass will always be half full,  the sun is always shining and if I am smiling I will get at least one smile back. 

Spring is here and the nature is well showing it. The flowers are starting to pop out giving beautiful colors to the world. The sun is visiting us more often (lol) now and is kind enough to stay longer during the day. It is easier to make long walks and feel happy and healthy. We even stay more outside with the children after the kindergarten.
I hear the crafty voice in my head whispering that it's time to create. “Be creative” it says. Now it's time to wake up from hibernation and face the sun. Stay tuned my friend cause I'm going to “bomb” you with new posts of happiness. Until then feel free to write me a comment.  I love it when my blog is ALIVE.

Until next time


  1. Perastika! Get well soon! And have a great Easter day tomorrow although I am sure you will be celebrating with us on the 1st of May too right? Try to keep this positive view!

  2. Thank you Ariadne. Yes we are celebrating the Greek Easter on the 1st May but having 4 days vacation right now due to the Catholic Easter is amazing. I will try to keep the positive view as you say, it doent help anyone if I dont. hahahhahahhhaha

  3. Get better soon! Happy and sunny days are coming! Have a nice week!

    1. Thank you my dear! I hope in the near future we will be 100% healthy again...I hope and wish.
      Have a nice week too! :)

  4. Get well soon Athanasia!!! Spring is here and hopefully viruses will gone away!

    1. Hopefully as you said...hahahha I'm happy that spring is here though!!! Hugs and kisses my friend...

  5. I'm sure you'll get well soon.I believe that illness come to make your soul and body clean from the evil.thank you very much for sharing it with us.keep posting.


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