Constantly challenge yourself

I am a person that likes challenges. I consider them to be a perfect way to keep your promise to someone. Especially when you challenge yourself. A few hours before 2015 said it's goodbyes I decided to challenge myself with not one but 2 challenges at once. Stop smoking permanently and stop eating unnecessary sugar for 100 days (for starters). What made me take this decisions? 
About smoking my kids. I caught my son “smoking”!!! Not in real of course but while he was playing… but it was exactly the same. What kind of a mother was I to give my kids this bad example?  Ok I didn't kill anybody but when we know so much about the side-effects of smoking it's really dum to do it. Right? So I smoked my last cigarette 5 minutes before 2016 said hello to me and I said goodbye to smoking. 

About sugar? A challenge on Facebook actually. A Swedish group about “100 days without unnecessary sugar” you can read more about the group here. By unnecessary sugar I mean candy's, cookies and other sweet stuff plus food products that consists additional sugar. Well everybody who hears about it thinks I'm nuts. But I'm not!!! Sugar has so many negative effects to our body that we can't even imagine. It's similar to smoking in fact. Plus I thought that if so many people from the Facebook event can do it then I can so it too.

So today March the 1st I'm proud to say that I am 61 days smoke and sugar free. Yeeeeeeeeah!!!! 

I have to say that it wasn't easy at all but it is possible. I had terrible headaches, felt dizzy and nauseous, my heart was raising like crazy and at many points I was maaaaaaaad but I survived. There are many tips and tricks how to help yourself under this period of time. I am proud of myself and I totally say it's worth it. I didn't do it for anybody else but me and my family. 

Buuuuuut a new month is here, spring is here and I start feeling the breeze of change. So today I am ready to take a new challenge.  I challenge myself to train at least 4 days a week. And by that I mean taking simple walks or going to the gym. Let's say I'll be doing that until June the 1st. How would you know that I will keep my promise? Well you'll just have to trust me as I want to trust myself…

How about you? Are you with me? Just think it like this deary...

Until next time...


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