Sunday morning at the Slottsskogen park

Hello again

Last Sunday my hubby and I decided(even though the weather wasn't perfect)to take the kids to the park and play. So we packed our bags with sandwiches, juices, water and fruit and off we went.  In the middle of Gothenburg city there is one of the largest parks called Slottsskogen park since 1874.

There are so many things to do there with the children. There is a zoo park with many Scandinavian animals such as penguins and seals, an area with small cottages from different counties of Sweden, many different playgrounds and the Natural History Museum of Gothenburg.  Slottsskogen is the place where Gothenburg people can relax, exercise and recreate. The nature, flora and wildlife is amazing. You have the opportunity to observe the changes of every season  and admire each and every one of it.  Furthermore, there are many activities and events for adults and children all around the year.

One of the parks that my children loves to play is called Plikta playground.  It's the largest and more visited playground in Gothenburg. There are so many play stations and activities for the kids that they go crazy. A big climbing whale and other climbing frames, many slides and swings etc. My children go crazy climbing on the whale.

Plikta playground have even toys for the sandpit, bolls and bicycles that every child can borrow . The only rule is that you must take good care of them during the time you use them and of course live them back at the storage building when you are finished playing with them. It's simple rules kids have to learn and can help them understand how to play, share and respect something that isn't theirs.  There is even a barbeque place where you can grill anything you want and have a picnic with your family and friends in the same time watching your children playing.

Our children and we loves this park and we are trying to visit it as often as possible. They have the chance to play as much as they like, laugh and scream as much as they can and play with us without any disturbances as much they want. When we visit this park we have the perfect family quality time that we all need. 

What is your opinion about the quality time with the most important people in your life?

For more information about the Slottsskogen park visit this webpage here




  1. This is a beautiful place!Glad you enjoyed the day there!Quality versus quantity has always been the question! I just say "Do things with the children. Enjoy time with them as they tend to grow too fast!" AriadnefromGreece!

  2. You have right Ariadne. They grow too fast!!! So we are trying to be with them as much as possible.


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