DIY Magical sparkling homemade Play-Doh

My little "monsters" love to play with play - doh. I was at first buying the one from the play - store, you know the one that's suppose to be friendly and without chemicals for our children. My mother then told me that when I was a little girl she made her own play- doh for  my siblings and me. I then started to search on internet about it and found many recipes. Some of them were ok but other not. A college of mine suggested me to try her recipe that she makes for her children and for the kids at school. It was amazing and it had a little bit of magic in it.
So today I thought that it was a perfect opportunity to test it out cause my monkeys are sick with flue and we can't go outside and play with the snow. And the little ones helped out too. So we are going to show you how it is done.

First of all you will  need:

400 gr. flour
200 gr. salt
30 gr. citric acid
30 ml. sunflower oil
food coloring
400 - 500 ml. boiling water

And then do like this:

Put all the dry ingredients one by one in a large bowl.

The flour

The salt

The citric acid

And then the liquid ingredients one by one.

The sunflower oil

The food coloring

And then the boiling water.

Mix all the ingredients with your hand until they become a dough.
Attention!!! the dough is very hot because of the water and always wear gloves to avoid discolor your hands from the food color.

Last but not least... add a little magic!!!! Add glitter in the dough 

and shape it well to spread the glitter everywhere!

Voila!!!! The magical sparkling homemade play doo is ready!!!

Evangelos made a boat and Marilou a muffin

And I'm lucky too... I got an ice-cream.....

Have fun!!!!

Until next time


  1. Finally a recipe that doesn't need cooking all the ingredients! I love the glitter in playdough!!

    1. Thank you Niki. It's really easy to make it. And the glitter gives it a little bit of magic. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Τέλειο;;!! Δεν έχω δοκιμάσει ποτέ να φτιάξω σπιτική! Μωρέ λες;

    1. Καλε σε λεω σε 5 λεπτα ειναι ετοιμη και αν την βαλεις σε ταπερακι ή σακουλα που κλεινει καλα, κραταει μεχρι και 15 μερες. Εγω την αλλαζω καθε βδομαδα.


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