DIY Decoupage the easy way

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I must admit that I have the tendency to gather , collect and store almost everything around me. This is because in my mind the crafters voice tells  me that we can do many beautiful things out of it. 

Shoe boxes,matchboxes, cans, glass bottles, ribbons, buttons, fabrics, paperbags, small toys etc. Anything can come to use one day!

Today I am going to show you an easier decoupage technique. I did try the conventional technique in Greece as a gift to my kids at the preschool and I liked it. But I have to say that the glue smelled incredible awful. Anyways here and now we are going to make a shoe box with the decoupage technique but with the common stick glue that the children use. It is really easy, quick and you can safely make it with your children.

You will need:

  •     A Box
  •     A stick glue (it depends on the size of the box. The bigger the box the more stick glue you will need)
  •    An old book (specifically the pages of an old book)

And you will do like this:

  1.Cut a few pages from the book

  2.Spread glue on the box.

  3.Glue the pages on the box all around.

  4.When you have glued the pages on the box you will spread one layer of glue again all around the box once again. Then you must let it dry. When it is completely dry you will see a shine on the pages.

  Voila!!!! The decoupage technique decorative box it done!!!

A little piece of advice. To make the corners of the box more even do as shown in the photos. First , simply fold the side of the paper and afterwards the top.

I hope you'll try this with your children!Have fun!!!



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