A ``firefly`` in Gothenburg

Yesterday I got a notification by mail. I knew what it was but still I was super excited about it. I run literally to the post office and giggled like a little girl while waiting to get the package. Finally it was here, in Gothenburg... Even though I was still outside the post office I opened the package and there it was! My eyes began to sparkle like a cartoon when I saw it!
It was the famous agenda 2016 from Pigolampides . I started walking and reading at the same time. So many interesting things about how to spend quality time with the children at home with beautiful crafts , craft places you can take the children and have fun, activities and events all in one Agenda , all in one place. My hometown, my Thessaloniki in Greece. I felt so proud and great emotion that one person does all these things for our town.

I have to say that the Greek word ``pigolampides``  (the name of the website) means fireflies in English. So I got a firefly in my bag now!!

A few weeks ago I contacted Ioanna from Pigolampides and I asked her if it was possible to get an agenda. I explained that I was hoping someone would come visit us on holidays from Greece and bring me one but it never happened. I really wanted one and asked her if it was possible for her to send me. She was more than happy to do it.

I really have to thank her for this beautiful gift and promise to always have it with me this year. I am so glad that I met her even though it was from Facebook. It's so amazing that there are still people around us who wants to make others happy without asking anything in return.

Thank you Ioanna for this present!!! Now I have a little bit of my hometown Thessaloniki with me every day here in Gothenburg.

Until next time

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