Cheecesake Panna Cotta

Here in Sweden we have the "fika pause". It is the time of the day we drink a cup of coffee and eat something sweet, most of the times. Every Friday at work, one of the colleges bake something yummi, for the rest of us. It is like preparing yourself for the weekend. A college baked the "Cheesecake Panna Cotta".  This may be one of the best cheesecakes I have ever eaten. Every bite I took was like angels sings. Sweet enough for those who do not like really sweetie cakes but tasteful enough for it to make you happy. So I got the recipe (of course I did!!!!) and baked it yesterday and there is nothing left today. Plus that my family wants me to bake it again tomorrow. I had to give you the recipe because it is the easiest ever.

Diy: Decorative Easter Twigs

In Sweden we have many Easter traditions. One of them is Easter colourful twigs decoration. According to most historians, this tradition comes from a Christian old tradition to stick with birch branches on Good Friday to remember Jesus suffering. However, there are those who argue that the tradition goes back to pre-Christian traditions.

Anti - Cellulite Body Butter by Amelie- Handmade Beauty

Almost every woman in the world has a little problem with her body and her skin. Sometimes our way of life determines the quality of our skin. Maybe when you are young and fresh it is not such a big deal, but in the future your skin will rebel and it will be to late. 

Health and habit journal by Mary Swanocean

I love to write down everything, keep track of my habits and my to do lists and everything that you can not even imagine. So it was impossible for me not to adore Mary´s, from Swanocean, amazing handmade journals. She is talented, inventive and has a great taste in what she creates. Have a taste of her work here. Thank you dear Mary for this gift!

Tα αγαπημένα: μια πρό(σ)κληση!

Ανοίγω το Facebook και βλέπω ότι το "σιστεράκι" μου η  Shabby Mommy με τάγκαρε κάπου. Μπαίνω να τσεκάρω τι έγινε και τι να δω... πρό(σ)κληση για τα αγαπημένα μου! Το οποίο το ξεκίνησε η Λαμπρινή του Polka dots lady. Το έχω λέω! Έλα που τελικά ήθελε λιγάκι σκέψη το πράγμα! Από τόσα αγαπημένα που έχω, ποια είναι τα πιο αγαπημένα; Τα κατάφερα όμως και τα βρήκα.